The Secret Weapon Real Estate Agents Have For Showing A Home: Catering

“Catering?” you may have asked yourself a little perplexed but it’s true.

Way back in 1983 Harvard Business Review conducted a study that proves food can enhance the mood of a shopper and thus put them in a better state of mind to make a purchase. So how does this transfer over as useful information to real estate agents? Simple. The next day of home showing an agent has that will involve a large group of people offer some food. Not just a few cheap snacks laid out on a table, but rather some professional catering. The wow factor alone will resonate quite well with all the home viewers.

The Original Charbroil House offers catering in Rochester NY and the owner, Dave Palumbo, knows all too well about this “secret weapon” that real estate agents have been using:

“In the summer it’s not uncommon to get calls from real estate agents for catering services,” Dave says.

Catering has been used for a while now in the real estate sector to give home viewers and extra “punch” that often helps them remember the home they viewed, or, at the very least, the agent that showed the home. This is useful to the agent because even if the home viewer wasn’t interested in the home they saw at the time they still, more likely than not, will remember the agent to call again for another home for sale in the future.

Showing a home to a bunch of people this upcoming weekend? Get some professionally catered food ready and watch the moods of your guests change for the better.

After all, when someone is in a good mood, the chance of them making a purchase increases dramatically.

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